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Statement,  1st  June 2008

On May 28th in Nepal, the democratic revolution abolished the monarchy who claimed to have divine origin

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Let’s widespread the news of the new victory wrung out by revolution of the new democracy in Nepal among popular masses of our country with leaflets, graffiti and conferences!


The success of the democratic revolution led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is a signal of hope for the workers of our country and a signal of death to the bourgeoisie, the clergy, the Papal Court and all reactionary forces!


The success of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) confirms and reinforces the message of recent elections of our country: the failure of reformist forces and bourgeois left!


The success achieved by revolutionary people war in Nepal, confirms that the renewal of the Communist Movement is going on worldwide!


The second wave of proletarian revolution advances worldwide! In imperialist countries, it will establish socialism and in the oppressed and semifeudals countries, it will create systems of new democracy that will pave the way for the socialist revolution!


On May 28th, in Kathmandu, the Constituent Assembly has proclaimed the end of the monarchy that since 1768 had reigned throughout Nepal. The abolition of monarchy is the result of the revolutionary protracted people’s war that the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) began more than 12 years ago, breaking away from modern revisionists and taking Marxism-Leninism - Maoism as its guiding theory. The victory of the Communist Party of Nepal (maoist) in the elections for the Constituent Assembly, held on April 10th,, has been possible thanks to the mobilization of consciences, the organization and the relations of power created in the country by the successes got by the new power established in the past years in most of the country and based on revolutionary armed forces and other popular organizations created and led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The victory of democratic revolution in Nepal is the victory of the conception and line of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), that is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.


Also the king of Nepal claimed to have received the power from god, so as the Pope does, who as leader of the Papal Court masters in our country and gathers up the threads of its political, economic and cultural institutions and so is liable for the chaos where we are plunged into. However, neither divine origin, nor the support of American and Indian imperialists has been enough to keep him riding. The CA ordered him to go away from the royal palace within 15 days. The palace was declared national property and destined to become a museum. The Nepali monarchy is so finished in the museum of history. It has preceded the Pope of Rome and the future of Vatican by a few years.


By overwhelming majority (560 votes out of 601 members of whom 564 were present), the CA declared Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic. It is the first of the objectives that the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) proposed to Nepali popular masses and for which it managed to mobilize them.


The downfall of monarchic regime and of the semifeudal order that oppressed the Nepali popular masses begun when the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) broke with the hesitations that most so called communist and reformists parties of Nepal share with parties like them in the rest of the world. It begun the revolutionary protracted people’s war and the creation in the country of an independent power opposed to the monarchy supported by American and Indian imperialists, a new power based on popular masses’ mobilization. In this sense, the struggle led by the Communist Party of Nepal and his victory are an example, a confirmation and an incentive to the struggle we Italian communists carry out to make Italy a new socialist country through the Revolutionary People’s War and the creation of a new independent power opposed to that of the imperialist bourgeoisie that has the Papal Court as its centre and that is supported by U. S. imperialists, Zionist groups and Italian criminal organizations.


In these months, Nepal is experiencing again the 1792 of the French Revolution, when in France the monarchy was abolished. However, it experiences it in the conditions of the twenty-first century, after the first wave of the proletarian revolution and at the beginning of the second. At the direction of the revolution there is a communist party based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, while in France there was the bourgeoisie led by illuminists’ rationalism. Inside of Nepal, democratic revolution puts an end to relations of personal dependence and strengthens the merchant economy, with the aim of improving material and spiritual conditions of the great mass of the people. Therefore, it will have to resist the conspiracies of royalist, feudal and clerical forces who will seek to return in power and will have to prevent the bourgeois forces who will seek to keep the popular masses from mobilising and organising them on large scale to solve their economic and cultural problems: these bourgeois forces would lead the democratic revolution to ruin. In the international relations, the democratic revolution of Nepal has won against the imperialist world system and it is a precedent for the peoples around the world that the imperialists cannot accept. It is a coup landed against the whole world system of imperialism, it weakens the desperate effort that the imperialists and other reactionary forces are making in every corner of the world to distract the masses from the proletarian revolution, despite the infamous conditions in which the imperialist system has precipitated them. Therefore, the democratic revolution of Nepal will have resist to armed or not armed, open or disguised aggression, particularly by the Americans and Indian imperialism. The imperialists will seek to aggravate the already difficult economic situation of popular masses and to foment national divisions; they will seek in every way to make profits on the political level to stifle or divert the revolution, as they did in Nicaragua after the victory of Sandinistas in 1979. The democratic revolution of Nepal is based on the far-sighted leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the solid and broad popular mobilization that the Party has created especially among peasants during ten years of war (1996-2006) and that it has extended particularly in cities in following years.


The democratic revolution of Nepal is part the new wave of the proletarian revolution that advances worldwide and in Nepal opens the way for the socialist revolution. Our country needs the socialist revolution, but it is also part of the proletarian revolution worldwide and has in common with the democratic revolution of Nepal, the main enemy (the imperialist world system) and the theory that guides it (Marxism-Leninism-Maoism). In our propaganda, we Communists must explain the events of Nepal to expound better what socialism is and the difference between socialism and bourgeois democracy, and we have to demonstrate that socialism is possible and necessary. In our conception of the world and our line, we have to use the events of Nepal to understand better Communists’ role in the class struggle: both in the revolution of the new democracy, and in the socialist revolution.



Italian Communists then greet the victory of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and of the popular masses it mobilised, to which it has given conscience and organization consistent with their need for emancipation and progress!



The world bourgeoisie and reactionary forces minimize what happened and what is happening in Nepal in the eyes of popular masses, while they are conspiring to bring in power again the reactionary forces. They talk as little as possible of the victory of democratic revolution and of the Maoist Communist Party that directs it. Nepali events belie the bourgeois propaganda among popular masses: they show that the communist movement is not dead, they show that the communist movement is rising again. They show that the decisive factor of the renewal is the initiative of the Communists led by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. These are lessons that the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy, the bourgeois left are trying to hide to popular masses of our country, silencing or minimizing Nepali events.


The victory of the revolution of the new democracy in Nepal is an event of global importance. Nepal is a country relatively small (approximately half of Italy for area and population). However, the victory of the revolution in Nepal is very important because Nepal is located in South-East Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka), an area where the revolutionary movement is in full development guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Besides, it is important because the whole world communist movement is living a decisive phase for its renewal: the stage of the assumption of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as its guiding theory. On both these fronts, the victory in Nepal provides an important impulse to the most advanced left, people and parties.


The decision taken on May 28 by the Constituent Assembly marks the beginning of a new phase of the democratic revolution in Nepal. The Nepali revolutionary movement must still overcome many obstacles. It must constitute a government that corresponds to objectives of the popular movement, it must put an end to the feudal and castes system, to the oppression on women and national minorities in all the country system, and it must start the entire country on the path of economic and cultural progress. Given the victories got until now, we are convinced that Nepali comrades will be able to carry out the revolution and that the manoeuvres of reactionary internal and external forces (particularly of the government of Washington and New Delhi) will be defeated. In addition to domestic main factors, there will be in favour of Nepali revolution both the contradictions between governments of Washington and New Delhi and the government of Peking, and the resistance that in many countries, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon and Somalia, the popular masses oppose to of U.S. and NATO aggression. So, also our struggle against the participation of Italy in imperialist aggressions (Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Palestine, etc.) will help the democratic revolution in Nepal. The best support that we Communists of imperialist countries can and must give to the democratic revolution in Nepal, however, is the development of the revolutionary protracted people’s war to build the socialism in our countries.

Let us promote and support the resistance of popular masses of our country to the advancement of the crisis!

Let us bring the victorious example of democratic revolution of Nepal among Italian popular masses!

Thanks to assimilation of Marxism-Leninism Maoism and its application in the revolutionary people’s war, thousand streams of the resistance the popular masses oppose to the advancement of the general crisis of the capitalism will converge into the river of socialist revolution, which will ride down the current social order and will make Italy a new socialist country!

The struggle to make Italy a new socialist country is the necessary context for making grow on a large scale the political conscience and organization of native and immigrated Italian popular masses and for making them develop vigorously and successfully their struggle for the defence and the extension of the conquests and for a safe and decent work for all, their resistance to proceeding of the crisis, their struggle against the high cost of living, against speculators and against the Authorities and the Pontifical Court who support them, against the fascist and racist gang and against Criminal Organizations, for civilization and prosperity!

Let most advanced workers, women, young people, enlist in the ranks of the Communist Party, of the organizations of the resistance and of mass organisations, so contributing to the revival of Communist Movement!

Let us strengthen the central clandestine structure of (new) Italian Communist Party, let us multiply the number of Party Committees and improve their functioning, let us develop the work on the four fronts indicated by the Party’s General Plan Work!

Build on each farm, in every residential area, in each mass organization a clandestine committee of the (n) PCI!